How big will a ZZ Plant grow? Like any plant, the conditions it is exposed to determine how big a ZZ Plant will grow. How Big Do ZZ Plants Grow? How to Make Your ZZ Plant Grow Bigger, FasterKnowing the factors that are key to a ZZ Plant’s growth is an important first step to getting your ZZ to thrive in your home. Divide Your ZZ – If your ZZ plant is getting a little out of control, the solution might be as simple as dividing up the rhizomes into new pots.


ZZ Plant (Aroid Palm): Care & Growing Guide

If there’s one houseplant that can thrive even in the face of neglect, it’s the ZZ plant. While ZZ plants may be slow growers, they more than makeup for that by being highly adaptable and low-maintenance. Here's all you need to know about ZZ plant care.

Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifoliaZamioculcas zamiifolia Common Name: ZZ plant, aroid palm, emerald palm, Zanzibar gem, Zuzu plantZZ plant, aroid palm, emerald palm, Zanzibar gem, Zuzu plant Plant Type: Perennial succulentPerennial succulent Mature Size: 2–4 feet high2–4 feet high Sun Exposure: Shade to partial, indirect sunShade to partial, indirect sun Soil Type: Commercial potting soilCommercial potting soil Soil pH: 6.0–7.06.0–7.0 Toxicity: Toxic to humans and petsPlant CareIt’s important to allow your ZZ plant’s soil to dry out fully between waterings. Because of this, too much—rather than too little—water is typically an issue with ZZ plants. .

ZZ Plant Care Tips: A Tough As Nails, Glossy Houseplant

I want to share with you these ZZ Plant care tips so you can enjoy this gorgeous, glossy plant too. Some Of Our General Houseplant Guides For Your Reference:How ZZ Plants Are UsedI’ve seen them used both as tabletop & floor plants.

This is my smaller ZZ Plant which came as a result of dividing my larger ZZ Plant. ZZ Plant Care TipsExposureModerate or medium-light is the key for this plant to look its best. As you can see, ZZ Plant care tips are abundant here and easy to follow. .

The Growth & Size of Zamioculcas Plants

The ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), also known as aroid palm, emerald palm, eternity plant and Zanzibar gem, is a native of eastern and southern Africa. While most ZZ plants have dark green leaves, the cultivar 'Dowon,' also known as 'Raven,' features lime-green new growth that contrasts with the purple-black older foliage. While there were rumors that the ZZ plant causes cancer, there is no truth in those tall tales. ZZ Plant CarePlace your ZZ plant in a dim corner or a brightly lit window covered by sheer curtains. ZZ Plant PropagationPropagate ZZ plants by division or leaf cuttings. .

How Big Do ZZ Plants Get? (Plus Tips to Control Their Growth)

The ZZ plant is not new; it’s been around for centuries to say the least. Here are a few tips to help you control just how big or small your ZZ plant gets.

PottingPotting is perhaps the single best way to control the height of your ZZ plant. The ZZ plant is quite easy to propagate, mainly because it doesn’t have any special requirements. These are just a few ways by which you can control the size of your ZZ plant. .

How to Grow and Care for ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem) Indoors

ZZ plants have naturally shiny leaves that can begin to look dull over time as dust accumulates. ZZ plants should generally be watered once the soil dries out completely—usually once every week or two depending on their growing conditions. ZZ plants are said to be impossible to kill because they tolerate poor conditions and neglect, making this a great plant for beginner indoor gardeners.

How long can a zz plant live? ZZ plants are also called heirloom plants because they can be passed from generation to generation. .

Wild Interiors — How to Propagate a ZZ Plant

The reason ZZ Plants don’t need watered very frequently is because they retain water in their rhizomes, which look like little bulbous potatoes under the dirt. You may be able to see rhizomes peeking up out of the soil at the base of your plant. When you take a cutting of your ZZ Plant, it will grow a new rhizome and roots. Stem CuttingsA stem cutting of a ZZ Plant is going to yield faster results for propagation. Here’s how to propagate a ZZ Plant cutting: .

ZZ Plant 101: How to Care for ZZ Plants

What's a ZZ Plant? Botanical Classification: Zamioculcas zamiifoliaAboutZZ Plants are tough—making them perfect for the forgetful plant owner. Native of East Africa, ZZ Plants require very little water and do best when they are basically ignored.

If you’re looking for a hands-off plant that makes a statement, a ZZ Plant is it! Fun FactThe leaves of your ZZ Plant are naturally shiny and glossy, so no leaf shine is needed. .

How to Grow a ZZ Plant (Aroid Palm)

ZZ plant is also known as aroid palm because it is a member of the Arum family which is also called the Aroid family. ZZ plants grow 3 – 4 feet tall. Like most drought tolerant plants, ZZ plants don’t need fertilizing. Wikimedia CommonsHow to Divide a ZZ PlantWhen you purchase a ZZ plant, you will be getting multiple rhizomes in the container.

Wikimedia CommonsHow to Grow a ZZ Plant From a Leaf CuttingYou can propagate your ZZ plant from a leaf cutting as long as you have a lot of time and patience. .


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